Industry Analysis
The competitive conditions within your key industry significantly impact the way you market your business. Growth industries are often more competitive, attracting new businesses and forcing existing businesses to differentiate themselves through improved products and processes. Businesses operating in mature industries often seek to develop new market segments, or steal their competitor?s market share through drivers of price, product or intangible benefits. Do you understand the operating conditions of your industry, and how to leverage these conditions to your advantage?
The id Industry Analysis has helped many of our clients learn how they are placed within their industry, and ensure they stay one step ahead of competitors and on top of legislative or environmental changes. The id Strategic industry analysis covers:
  • Growth outlook
  • Size
  • Key trends and drivers
  • Key segments
  • Key Regulatory/ legal factors
  • Economic considerations
  • Buying behaviour and go to market strategies
  • Opportunities
  • Competitive environment and key players.