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Our recent project highlights prove that business growth isn’t about chance - it's more about having the right people on your side.  
Here's a snapshot of the marketing strategy service we provided for our client's last year:
Project No. 1  
A well-known engineering firm recognised their competitive landscape had become more complex over time. Our market research and competitor analysis identified opportunities across current and potential markets, and strategies to create ongoing competitive advantage.
Project  No. 2  
An established international operator was keen to explore opportunities in entirely new industries. We analysed these industries, through competitor analysis, customer analysis, supplier analysis and market analysis. Our feasibility report gave the client enough insight to make their decisions on their next move with certainty, avoiding a potentially costly mistake.
Project No. 3
A client needed assistance with launching a completely new innovation. We conducted in depth market and industry analysis, and designed a comprehensive market strategy to significantly minimise risk and maximise return during the launch phase.
Project No. 4   
A highly regarded NFP was considering a new business opportunity. Our feasibility study examined the true potential of this business opportunity from a customer, product and market perspective to determine whether the move was operationally viable.
Project No. 5
A client required guidance on a potential business opportunity overseas. Our business evaluation focussed on market analysis, industry analysis, operational strategies and financial considerations for this huge investment.
Project No. 6
A small to medium business came to us after ongoing slowdown in business growth over 3 years. Our tailored marketing strategy examined their business from all angles- competition, customers, products and services, and markets, and provided a fresh approach to rebuild growth.
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