Business Health Check
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Many companies are guilty of "rolling over" their marketing tactics on an annual basis because they "seem" to be working. They may approach the marketing planning process with some trepidation, seeing their marketing function as an intangible function, and one which is hard to really measure. This is where the marketing health check comes in.
A marketing health check will help determine the effectiveness of your current business's current marketing activity, providing you with clarity around which marketing tactics are helping to create business growth, and which are simply wasting time and resources.
id Strategic are proud to be the only provider of two unique diagnostic tools designed to help you answer questions such as:
  • Is my marketing activity relevant to the way different customer segments make their buying decisions?
  • Are my marketing objectives appropriate given the companies resources?
  • Has a change in market conditions since the marketing plan was built, mean that certain activities are no longer delivering value?
  • Is my company putting its most unique capabilities forward?
id Strategic bring an independence of thought that your own senior executive and marketing teams, by default, cannot sustain. They know your business inside out, we bring a perspective that is ’outside in’.
The id Strategic Marketing Audit – MEaSA
Recognised in the USA and UK as a vital business planning tool, a marketing audit provides a holistic, independent and systemic assessment of your marketing assets and activities.
The solution for service companies – SERValuate
Our SERValuate diagnostic tool is built specifically for companies operating in a service environment.
Return on Investment
At id Strategic, we use a value-based model that judges the impact of strategic moves on the value placed by investors.