Marketing Stratergy
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Strategy has become somewhat of a buzzword in business. Every business owner knows they need one, however very few understand how to practically use one. There may be ‘levels’ of strategy too, from corporate strategy to business strategy, and of course, marketing strategy. They all need to link together to ensure you are maximising your directional intensity.
An id Strategic consultant can help guide you through the complexities of building an effective marketing strategy. We partner with you to ensure your marketing strategy feeds through to the overall business objectives and takes into account your resources, your markets, competitors and other environmental factors.
Unfortunately, many business owners confuse marketing strategy with marketing tactics. A true marketing strategy doesn’t start by focussing on which brochures to write, or whether there is need for a new logo. It cycles one step back, exploring the complex channels and relationships linking your business to your key source of revenue - your customers.
The id Marketing Strategy
The id Marketing Strategy is designed to provide invaluable insights.
Marketing Planning
id Strategic has it’s own approach to the Marketing Planning process.