Our Process
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At id Strategic, we have developed a successful approach to helping our clients. 
It’s simple, but it works.
We Listen
We may be market specialists, but we also value what our clients tell us and we don’t try to speak over them. One of the greatest mistakes marketing consultants make is pre-determining what a client needs before they have actually listened to the full story. We don’t come to you with any pre-conceptions or judgements. We start our conversations with one goal in mind- to listen and absorb, and to do it effectively.
We Understand
After listening to our clients, we seek to acquire knowledge and a thorough understanding of your business and industry before we develop a marketing strategy. We take an objective view of the situation and look at it from all angles. To build our understanding of your business we undertake an audit which provides insight into how you are currently performing across a number of measures  and identifies the gaps that need to be dealt with to achieve your  business and marketing objectives.
We Deliver
We put together the business and marketing solutions which will best support your business growth goals. We're market specialists who believe in delivering ‘positive growth’, so our business and marketing solutions aren’t short-sighted, they’re sustainable. We provide you with a framework on how to best implement the solutions with built in ROI measures that shows you the impact of any changes you have made.