Our Services
Based on years of experience our qualified market strategists identify practical business growth solutions that will increase marketing ROI, to ensure better bottom line performance and increase stakeholder value.
Part of our uniqueness is our ability to provide flexible services to your business. From ad-hoc projects to providing longer-term on-going support, we can add value to your existing resources and provide an independent point of view in making business decisions. Our aim is to turn strategic marketing thought into profitable business outcomes.
Depending on your need, we have a number of services specially designed to help you and your business.
We can help you:
id Marketing Understand your market - Market insights, customer service evaluation and market analysis to shape your marketing plan.
id Marketing Connect with your customers - Creating value, satisfaction and loyalty through client research and customer service profiling.
id Marketing Build strong brands - Competitor analysis and corporate identity evaluation to craft your market position.
id Marketing Shape your market offering - Designing services, setting products and profitability.
id Marketing Deliver value - Creating market channels and value networks.
id Marketing Communicate value - Talking to your customers effectively, selling strategies and communication planning.
id Marketing Business and marketing ROI - Creating successful long-term growth-measures,  new markets and going global.
Click on the service below that best describes how id Strategic can help you.